Biographies of AUF Life Members

Biography, Graham Henderson
AUF Life Member

Graham Henderson Joined the AUF in 1977 through his association with the Latrobe University sub Aqua club Victoria, he was a keen SCUBA diver and Spearfisherman who subsequently become an avid player in underwater hockey.

He had an active role in the formation of the Victorian Octopush league and went on to be a founding member of the first AUF Underwater Hockey Commission in 1980.  He has represented Australia as a player on 5 occasions and also was a coach and team manager.

He was instrumental in setting up a referee accreditation system in Australia and co-authoring the first standards and procedures manual for referee training, the same manual that is used throughout the world today for underwater hockey referee training.

Graham started his administrative service in the AUF in 1979 when he became secretary of the AUF Victorian Branch; he went on to hold the positions of Vice President and President.  Also during this time he was the convener of 2 national skindiving championships held in Victoria.

During the eighties he was elected to the position of chairperson of the AUF underwater hockey commission a position which he held for 7 years, he then went on to be the chief referee for the commission for a number of years. During this time he formalised the commission by-laws and was instrumental in obtaining government STEP grants of $200,000.00 for our world champion underwater hockey teams.

In 1995 he focused his attentions on the AUF Federal body becoming Federal Secretary and then becoming the Federal President in 1997.  He oversaw a total restructure of the AUF and rewrote the federal constitution.  He became the public officer of the federation in 2000.  Also in 2000 he was awarded the Australian Government sports medal for his contribution to sport and the community.

He was elected to the position of President of the CMAS (World Underwater Federation) underwater hockey commission in 2005  He also holds the position of tournament director for the CMAS Underwater Hockey Commission and has overseen the running of  4 world underwater hockey championships.

Graham Henderson was awarded life membership of the AUF in 1996 for outstanding service to the federation and the sport of skindiving. He is the current president of the AUF.

Biography, Toni de Fina
AUF Life Member

Toni de Fina was the Federal President of the AUF for 28 years; he was also a some time member of the CMAS governing council. He created with the late Peter Cullen the Federation of Australian Underwater Instructors, for many years the only Australian Diver Instructor organization ultimately subsumed by an international diving instructor organization.

Toni designed and developed the first balanced first stage valves for single hose SCUBA, he also designed and developed diving systems for then developing cultured pearl farms in Northern Territory and Northern Western Australia.

He was instrumental in creating many of the diving standards still used today, he attended the world championships in Croatia (Yugoslavia) as a competitor.  He has continuing involvement in water sports, particularly spearfishing.

On occasion he is invited to prepare opinions on diving accidents and diving equipment and practices for civil court cases and inquests.

He is still diving and actively engaged in water sports.