Government Submissions

A List of the Government Submissions made by the AUF:

(September 1, 2012)
AlpineHobday2007.pdf download View | Download
Summary: J. E. Alpine and A. J. Hobday Marine and Freshwater Research, 2007, 58, 558–569
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(August 29, 2012)
GNS-Protection.pdf download View | Download
Summary: NSW Fisheries Discussion paper for Grey Nurse Shark Protection
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(February 24, 2012)
CORAL-SEA-SUBMISSION-AUF-Spearfishing-petition-removed.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Adam Smith (AUF Spearfishing National Chair) Luke Randell (AUFQ Spearfishing Commissioner)
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(March 29, 2007)
Graham-et-al.-Conserv-Biol-2007-online-first.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Graham et. al. (c) 2007 Society for Conservation Biology.
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(November 9, 2004)
CapeByron.pdf download View | Download
Summary: The AUF is writing in response to the draft zoning plans for the Cape Byron Marine Park.
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(October 29, 2004)
Ningaloo.pdf download View | Download
Summary: The AUF is writing in response to the draft zoning plans for the Ningaloo Marine Park.
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(August 12, 2004)
FRAC-Meeting-11-Report.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Report to: Dave Welch- Commissioner AUF Q, Adam Smith Commissioner AUF Subject: GBRMPA- Fisheries Reef Advisory Committee By K Chard
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(March 5, 2004)
Lord-Howe-IslandletterAUF.pdf download View | Download
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(October 7, 2003)
Meeting-with-GBRMPA-discussion-paper.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Compiled by David Welch, Ken Picard, Matt Kenway, Michael De Rooy and Dr Adam Smith.
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(July 29, 2003)
Grey_Nurse.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Grey nurse sharks roam over very large areas of the NSW coast, but are known to gather to feed, mate and pup at a small number of locations. Marine scientists have identified 10 sites, called critical habitats, which are vital to the survival of the grey nurse shark.
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