Covid 19 Members Update

19 March 2020

Member Notification

Dear Members,

Based on the latest advice I have from health department experts and SportAus, it is apparent that all national and state competitions for rugby and hockey will have to be postponed, effective immediately.  All clubs should cease training sessions and not have gatherings in the name of our sports for coaching, recreation and fund-raising exercises. 

This ban will be in force until further notice. This will only apply to our contact and semi contact sports i.e. rugby and hockey.  The reason it is only these sports is because they cannot guarantee social distancing.  It should also be noted that if social distancing cannot be maintained in our other sports then their training and participation should also cease.

Please advise all stakeholders as soon as possible.  Please note that if people continue to participate it would void any insurance cover as the federation has postponed all participation.

These are difficult times that are within a rapidly evolving landscape. The Federation must act in line with society’s expectations and follow best practice models and direction from SportAus and the department of health.

I have attached the minister’s statement from today for your perusal.

Yours in underwater sports,

Graham Henderson,

Federal President,