Covid 19 Members Update

15 May 2020

Covid 19 Update #3

Currently some states are easing general restrictions regarding the lockdown procedures that have been in force.  AusSport has set out guidelines (attached) for the resumption of sport.  Most sports are currently running at category A, A few sports are moving to Category B.

Our pool sports would need category C to resume competition, as category B only allows a maximum of 10 people total, to participate in either practice or competition.  Obviously training or playing would involve a greater number than what is currently allowed. 

Notwithstanding the above, some of our sports are contact sports and therefore cannot maintain the social distancing guidelines.  Therefore, at this stage we will not be allowing training or competition of Underwater Rugby and Hockey in a game setting. 

Finswimming and spearfishing must follow the guidelines as set out for category B sports.  Further to this individual training for rugby and hockey can take place.  To do this, the swimming guidelines in the attached document must be used, one person per lane up to a group number of 10 training at any time together.  Social distancing guidelines must be maintained in the pool are and changerooms.  It is fine to use a puck or ball in your lane.

We are currently monitoring the situation and in discussion with AuSport for any possible changes or exemptions.

Yours in Underwater Sports,

Graham Henderson