Request for expressions of interest to attend 2018 XXXI CMAS World Championships in Sagres

Although the AUF decided at the AGM not to send a team to the 2018 XXXI CMAS World Championships in Sagres (Portugal) so that it could better focus on the 2019 InterPacifics and then the World Championships in 2020, it did consider sanctioning the attendance of any capable and competent competitors at their own cost. CMAS have agreed to Australia being able to send an unofficial team, but confirmation of our attendance is needed as a matter of urgency. As such, please find below a request for any expressions of interest to attend the competition. Responses are required on or before the 15th of August.

Request for expression of interest Sagres 2018 CMAS World Championships

Call for Expressions of Interest from Spearfisher’s to Compete in International Events to be held in 2016

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Latest Draft of Australian Underwater Federation- Spearfishing Commission “A section Rules of Competition and Selection” 6 Dec 2014

Herewith attached the latest draft of the A-section Rules of Competition and Selection for review. This latest draft is anticipated to become the final and published version pending a final review, comment and inclusion of any minor amendments, if required. Please do not hesitate to contact your respective state chairs or Adrian Wayne with any comments or suggestions.AUFcompetition rules july drft 6 Dec 2015