67th National Spearfishing Championships 2019 Port Fairy VIC Hosted by Yazbeck

FEBRUARY 24th - March 3rd 2019

Draft Information Pack

Info Pack Yazbeck 67th National Spearfishing Titles 2019

Competition Entry Form

Yazbeck 67th National Spearfishing Titles 2019 - Competition Entry Form

Australian Bluewater Freediving Classic 2018 with Results

 See the results here  - Australian Bluewater Freediving  Classic 2018 Results

The Classic, based out of Woolgoolga on the NSW North Coast, boast some of Australia’s most exciting diving. During Summer and Autumn warm tropical currents from the North, mix with nutrient rich cooler temperate waters from the South. This mix creates a unique marine environment that produces a huge array of marine species.

The competition embraces an environmentally sensitive approach to fishing. Divers only target pelagic species, snapper and mulloway.

Each diver may only weigh 5 fish and are limited to 2 of each species. Diving is encouraged over a very wide area: from SW Rocks to Broom’s Head.

Typical species targeted include Spanish, wahoo, cobia, kingfish, samsonfish, mulloway, snapper, dolphinfish and a variety of tuna species.

        Call 0410648066
     dayw [at] tpg [dot] com [dot] au
     Australian Underwater Federation (Spearfishing)
     March 16 at 2 PM to March 18 at 12:30 PM
This is a premier pelagic spearfishing event.
With some amazing prizes to be won!

For further information please follow the FaceBook event page via the links below.




Competition Results


National Spearfishing Titles Day 3 & Final Placings


Warren Carter placed second, followed closely by Sam Dawson who took the lead of most species for the day 3 event.

Day 3 Results

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 3 Results

Day 3 Results by Category

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 3 Results by Category

Day 3 Results - Ladies

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 3 Ladies


2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 3 Overall Results


2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day3 Overall Results by Category


2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 3 Overall Ladies Results

Fin Swim and Film Fishing results - Super Diver

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Fin Swim Results

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Film Fish Results

2018 EDEN NSW ANST  Super Diver Results

True Pairs Competition held 26/1/2018

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Regisitration Score Sheet Pre True Pairs results

Placing and Sponsor Prizes

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Prize Listing

2018 ANST Eden Placings

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National Spearfishing Titles Day 2 & Cumulative Results

A very good day for Jack Lavender. A number of other positions have altered.

Day 2 Results

2018 Eden NSW ANST Day 2 Results

Day 2 Results by Category

2018 Eden NSW ANST Day 2 Results by Category

Day 2 Results - Ladies

2018 Eden NSW ANST Day 2 Results - Ladies

Cumulative results - After Day 2

2018 Eden NSW ANST Overall Position Results post Day 2

Cumulative results - After Day 2 by Category

2018 Eden NSW ANST Overall Position Results post Day 2 by Category

Cumulative results - After Day 2 - Ladies

2018 Eden NSW ANST Day 2 Overall Results - Ladies

4 Diver Team Results

2018 Eden NSW ANST - 4 Diver Team Results



National Spearfishing Titles Day 1 Results

Day 1 Results

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 1 results

Day 1 Results by Category

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 1 results by Category

Day 1 Results - Ladies

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Ladies Results Day 1

Pairs Results from Day 1 Scores

2018 EDEN NSW ANST State Pairs Results

2018 EDEN NSW ANST  Juniors Ladies Mixed Pairs Results

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Mixed Pairs Results


Nationals Info Pack EDEN 2018

Nationals Info Pack 2018 Eden V2

Registration Form

NATIONALS CompEntryForm Eden NSW 3

National Titles Scoresheet eden 2018


A Section Rules 9Jan2018

auf national ASect rules. Spear. 9Jan2018

AUF Sportsperson of the year

Rhys Milburn from Western Australia wins AUF Sportsperson of the year

Rhys was a Member of the WA state team for underwater hockey and underwater rugby that won both National Championships. Winning the national rugby championships was particuarly meritorious given that it was only the second competion the Western Australian team had entered.
In that period Rhys is reigning world champion for underwater hockey after winning the world championships in april 2016 in stellenbosch South Africa..

66th Australian Spearfishing Championships Competition Entry Form

NATIONALS CompEntryForm Eden NSW

Please download / print / complete and return.

EDEN 2018 Species Scoresheet

National Titles Scoresheet eden 2018     - Downloadable link

Expressions of Interest Hawaii 2018 Interpacific


         Call for Expressions of Interest, Interpacific Event.

             Hawaii island of Oahu, April 2nd to 14th 2018.                                                

   The above event is scheduled to be held as follows:-

-Hawaii the island of Oahu.

-dates in Hawaii. 2or3 April until 13or14 April.

-event days are 11 and 12 April.


AUF are looking for interested competent Spear-fishers, team managers & a fundraising person, to represent AUF Australian Spearfishing in the above event.

Interested sponsors are also welcome to assist & promote their products & support for Australian Spearfishing.

We made a decision to change our selection process & try something different to see if we can get a better result. We will consider past national event participation & results as well as results from previous international attendances although that criteria will not be the only consideration.

Expressions are open until Evening of 20 October 2017.

A committee will evaluate a shortlist & get back to all persons that have expressed interest with our preliminary thoughts & selections. We've got a focus on the future and want to see more up & coming prospects along with some past proven competitors.


-The Interpacific's in Hawaii is normally a great event & requires 4 males (2pairs) and 2 females ( 1 pair) & reserves will also be considered. A team manager each for men’s and women’s will also be required.

Conditions are similar somewhat to Northern parts of Australia but the men will be required to dive & work comfortably to and beyond 25 mtrs whilst swimming quite hard over long distances.

-The AUF normally pay the competition costs which includes presentation & boat costs during the scheduled practice & event dates.

Managers/Competitors will need at least 11 days in Hawaii and will be up for airfares & accommodation, meals, boats on unscheduled days, etc whilst in Hawaii.

Fundraising is done by the AUF & competitors and this can reduce individuals expenses considerably.


Please provide the following information as a minimum to Adrian Wayne. Email to

< adrian [dot] wayne48 [at] gmail [dot] com> :-

1-Name & address, email & phone contact.

2-Age, DOB, gender.

3-State & club (if member)

4-AUF membership number or other?

5-A brief statement about your Spearfishing experience, competition or other achievements you are proud of that would assist our evaluation?

6-Do you feel experienced enough, physically & mentally healthy & capable of extending yourself safely to compete at the highest level?

7-Can you get time off & can you fund yourself?

8-Will you help with fundraising?

9- Are you prepared to comply with strict rules & controls in an event even if you don't necessarily agree with the rules?

10-If you are paired up or in a team with a person or persons of superior ability to yourself are you prepared to accept that fact & not push yourself beyond your ability to try & outdo or match the other person/s?

11-Are you a team player?

12-Is your own & others safety the top priority & constantly in your mind when you compete or practice?

13-Are you prepared to go into extra training for yourself well before the event?

14-Provide details of anyone you feel we could speak to, to assist in our evaluation.


Please answer the questions as well.

15-Also please provide some brief details of your experience?

16-Give a brief summary of why you feel you're well suited to perform the role as a national team manager?


17-Please let us know who you are and what you can do to help us & how we can promote your business in return?


18- Please let us know who you are, your contact details & how you would go about fundraising for Australian teams & what commission you would request for your hard work.


Please refer your answers numerically as above & please feel free to contact me with any queries on 0418282696.

I guess that's it for now & please apply by 20/10/17.

Good luck & stay safe.


Adrian Wayne.

National Chairman, AUFSC.


adrian [dot] wayne48 [at] gmail [dot] com

expression of interest Hawaii 2018 interpacific.dr1