2016 Inter-Pacific Spearfishing Championship Results

A well run event held in Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Congratulations go out to the New Zealand teams on their winning result in both the Mens and Ladies.

Our Australian Men's Team Guy Wood, Michael Pannach, Ryan Schulter, Jack Lavender and team manager Scott McKenzie placed a hard earned third position and our ladies team Taylah Martindale, Nikki Watt and Team Manager Joe Martindale fort hard in a tough competition placed 4th. Congratulations to all our team.

 Men                     Day 1       Day 2       Total     Place

NZ                         100         100           200       1st
New Caledonia      87            87           174       2nd
Australia                81            77           167        3rd
Tahiti                      76            87          163        4th
Hawaii                    71            88          159        5th
Guam                      35            74          109        6th

New Zealand         92          100           192        1st
Hawaii                  100           79            179       2nd
Guam                     36            88            124       3rd
Australia                48            54            102       4th

We would like to again take the opportunity to sincerley thank all our sponsors for the prizes donated to the team fundraiser and all the supporters who brought tickets.


Australia, Guam, Hawaii, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Tahiti Competitors 2016


Mens team Placings New Zealand, New Caledonia, Australia, Tahiti, Hawaii, Guam.


Ladies team placing - New Zealand, Hawaii, Guam, Australia.


Team Australia


2016 Mens winners New Zealand with Inter-Pacific Champions - New Caledonia


Support your Aussie mates attending N Z Interpacific 2016 – Fundraiser

We would like to sincerely  thank all those that supported the Fundraiser Raffle in support of the 2016 Interpacific Competitors.

Congratulations to all the winners, there were some quality prizes up for grabs.

The winners and prizes awarded are listed below:

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We managed to raise $3220 this year which was a massive help. Thanks again!


Support your Aussie mates attending N Z Interpacific 2016

NZ Interpac 2016 Fundraising Details

NZ Interpac 2016 Team



New members insurance handbook

2015-2016 Australian Underwater Federation Insurance Handbook - Members

In conjunction with our insurance partner, we have developed a members insurance handbook.  This will provide members with all the information they require on our various insurance covers.

World Underwater Hockey Age Group Championship Results

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Interpacific Spearfishing Report 2014 Tahiti

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2014 National Spearfishing Championship Results

Results of the 2014 National Spearfishing Championships.

Held at Kangaroo Island South Australia.

2014 National Spearfishing Titles Final Results

2014 National Spearfishing Titles Position by Category

2014 Super Diver Results


Fishing and boating industry media release

Launch of the I Fish, I Boat, I Vote CampaignFBV media release 2 August 2013 final

Aussie Spearfishers call for “balance” on marine parks


Aussie Spearfishers call for “balance” on marine parks

The split this week between the Greens and the Government gives Labor the chance to restore balance to its Commonwealth marine park plans, the peak advocacy organisation representing Australian spearfishers says.

“It is clear to us that the Greens had pressured Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to implement extremist lock out policies in the development of these marine park plans,” Adrian Wayne, Chairman of the AUF, said today.

“Now the Greens have walked away from their deal with the Government, we are expecting Mr Burke to restore balance to the issue by re-thinking the unjustified lock out of Australia’s 5 million recreational fishers from the proposed marine parks.

“We are ready and willing to immediately engage with Mr Burke and his Department to help formulate proactive policies that will protect our fragile marine environment while also allowing sustainable recreational fishing to continue.”

Current marine park plans being considered by Mr Burke would result in recreational fishers being locked out of 1.3 million square kilometres of Australia’s oceans.

“If that goes ahead, the Gillard Government would be responsible for the biggest angler lock out in history,” Mr Wayne said.

“We find it hard to believe that a Labor Government would want to deprive hard-working Aussies of the chance to enjoy a dip in the ocean and catch a feed for their families. In fact, we suspect the lock out agenda of the current marine park plans was forced on the Government via the deal with the Greens.

“Now the Greens have broken that deal, we are hoping that Mr Burke will want to talk with us about designing less extremist policies.

AUF said the split with the Greens presented the Government with the opportunity to show their true colours when it comes to dealing with Aussie anglers.

“Do they want to alienate us by locking us out or do they want to work with us?

“The fact is that recreational spearfishers are dedicated to marine conservation. We just don’t want to be locked out for no good reason. Hopefully Mr Burke will now want to work with us and other recreational fishers to achieve balanced and effective marine parks that will benefit all Australians for generations to come.” AUF’s Adrian Wayne said.

Media Enquiries:

Adrian Wayne
spearfishing [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au
0418 282 696

Download Media Release

National Unification of Spearfishing Representation

USFA / AUF. Recent Changes and Future Direction.

At last there is agreement for the two peak Spearfishing organisations to unite and be as one.

This follows discussions that have taken place since October 2011 and attendance by USFA officials at the AUF Spearfishing AGM in September 2012.

[Read more...]

Media Release – Spearfishing Accident at Moreton Island

It is with great sadness that we were met with the tragic news of the passing of a well known and liked Brisbane diver, Greg Couldwell, on Monday 7th May 2012 whilst spearfishing off Moreton Island. His diving companions performed resuscitation after his body was retrieved from the bottom, but without success.

The Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) is the governing body for underwater sports and amateur diving in Australia. Spearfishers in South East Queensland are a tight knit fraternity and the AUF offers its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Mr Couldwell who was a member of our federation. As an AUF member there is some small consolation of insurance benefits for the family of the diver involved.

Spearfishing is a great activity but like all sports it has its potential risks that must be managed properly to reduce risks from shallow water blackout, equipment, boat strike, shark attacks and other causes. The accident rate for spearfishing in Australian water is low with less than 0.5 deaths per year over the past 10 years which makes it safer than SCUBA diving (approximately 9 deaths per year and most in Queensland) or rock fishing (approximately 10 deaths per year and most in NSW).

The AUF Spearfishing motto is ‘Safe Sustainable Selective Seafood’ and there has been a national initiative called Spearsafe developed to further increase knowledge and improve safety for Australian spearfishers.


Spear safe has attempted to bring together a cohesive view on safety issues involved with spear-fishing through a website, brochure, DVD, stickers and training. The DVD and brochure have been made freely available to over 20,000 people over the past 2 years. The DVD and brochure can be found in many spearfishing outlets including diving, boating and fishing stores. Australian manufacturers of spearfishing gear have also provided this material for distribution. Spearfishing clubs throughout Australia have also received copies of the DVD and brochure for distribution to members and associates. A basic, safety orientated and nationally accredited spearfishing course is currently under development.

Though these continuing efforts the AUF and its members and proactive programs such as Spearsafe aim to reduce risks of injuries and fatalities and save lives of spearfishers and water enthusiast all over Australia.

Media enquires:-
Judy Breeze (Executive Director AUF Queensland) 0418 754 644
Luke Randell (Qld Chair- Spearfishing): 0411 468 523

Download the full media release.


Simple safety tips for safe diving

  1. Tow a diver (blue and white) flag and float to increase visibility
  2. Knife to prevent entanglement
  3. Weight belt with quick release buckle
  4. Never load speargun out of water and cover speartips
  5. Tell someone where you are going
  6. Dive with a buddy
  7. Do a risk assessment of conditions (weather, visibility, boat traffic, marine life)
  8. Never hyperventilate and dive within your limits