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Underwater Rugby Nationals 2021

UWRA affiliated club, 

You club has expressed interest in attending the National championships, hosted in Brisbane from the 4th to the 6th of June. Attached to this email, you will three important documents regarding these championships. They are:

  1. The game schedule for these championships. This was created based on the number of teams that have expressed interest in attending
  2. A team registration form. Please provide the cap number, player name, AUF number and membership expiry date for each player for that given team. If you have a player that has not been a member of your club for the past 6 months, please indicate this on this team list. Additionally please indicate (if possible) how many players wish to attend the afterparty on the Sunday eveningin. All team forms must be completed and submitted back to the UWRA by no later than the 15/05/2021. Forms can be emailed to secretary [at] uwra [dot] org [dot] au or chairman [at] uwra [dot] org [dot] au.
  3. The final document is an formal invitation, which provides important information regarding these championships. The tournament will cost $550 per team due by 15/05/21  

It is very important that all athletes, referees and any spectators (wishing to hop in the pool) attending in these championships are a current member of the AUF, this ensures that everyone has the adequate insurance cover required. As a result the UWRA will require all participants to be a current AUF member at these championships. To ensure that the UWRA have adequate time to check the membership status of each athlete any players that are not current AUF member by the 02/06/2021 will not be permitted to complete at these championships.   

Nathan Miller 


JUNE 5th 4.15pm – 6.15pm - Followed by Dinner.
50M Sprint Competition – Clarence Swim Centre Hobart Tasmania Competitors swim 50m in their age group.
Then 50m in their recalculated time group Then semi and finals.
Open to Finswimmers of all Ages.

Perth Western Australia

This involves more than 50 different sports and we want to show that we are one of the most interesting.
I look forward to all Master swimmers being a part of our inaugural entry to the Master’s Games.
For further information contact Helen Lane Email: activehelen [at] live [dot] com