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The Australian Underwater Federation is pleased to announce that membership for 2022 is active to renew your membership. AUF Membership lasts for 12 months from when you register.  We have introduced a secure online membership system that you can use, which will make it easier for you to become a member.

By becoming a member of the AUF you are joining an Australia wide family of underwater enthusiasts who are making a contribution to bring sport, conservation and awareness to the underwater world.  We welcome you to the federation and ask you to enjoy all the rights and benefits that membership brings.

Membership Costs

Senior - $95

Junior - $55

Expiry 12 months from registration date

**These fees may vary if your Club has included their Club membership component. 

Please Note:  Family Membership Subscription Type x 3,4,5,6 is ONLY for 1 or 2 adults (parents) + children Under 18

Fees include multiple sports - Primary sport will be noted in db, with Second and Third sport noted in dropdown info

Fin Swimming, Underwater Rugby, Underwater Hockey, Spearfishing, Recreational Diving, Freediving.

Please note there are no Family Memberships available for Recreational Diving

DOES NOT INCLUDE Coaching membership - qualifications and National Director of Coaching or Memberships for info.  

All Sporting Coaches

Please see Coaching Re-accreditation for details on how to apply for re-accreditation of your Coaching credentials, including AUF membership. This it to be done via our Nat. Director of Coaching only.


Please pay by credit card using this secure payment facility

Your membership fee includes:

Member Services

  • Provides a collective voice for all amateur divers, sports people and underwater enthusiasts to government, media and the general community
  • Gives access for Australian Divers and underwater sports people to compete at a national, zone and international level
  • Issues certifications for SCUBA Divers to CMAS standards
  • Provides rules and playing infrastructure for all aspects of underwater competition
  • Offer L1, L2 Coaching accreditation for UWH, Spearfishing Finswimming and Snorkel Commissions

Government Liaison

  • Obtains funding and organises community based programs such as the Great Australian Shark Count
  • Compiles discussion papers for marine park representation
  • Provides policy for environmental and sustainability issues related to recreational fishing and SCUBA/Freediving
  • Liaising with government departments
  • Obtain grant monies from AusSport for various aspects of underwater sports and recreations

Member Administration

  • Membership cards
  • CMAS Sport and Technical Committee memberships
  • RECFISH membership
  • AOC membership
  • Access via web site to all Commission/State links, updates and information to members or other interested parties
  • Database entry for all members Australia wide
  • Electronic mailing lists for sports disciplines

Marketing and Promotions

  • Provides recognition of outstanding sporting and administrative achievements within our organisation with Sportsperson of the year and Beau Beere awards
  • Promotional 'fridge magnet/s for AUF and/or other Commissions


  • We run the complete insurance program for all members
  • Runs the membership systems for all sports
  • Receipting monies
  • Various brochures to mail out (as required)
  • Office expenses (home office)
  • Answering telephone calls and queries (any time of day, 7 days a week)
  • Updating members through AusSport when accredited as coaches
  • Books audited annually
  • Taxation benefits through association with Australian Sports Foundation