Contact the AUF

To contact the AUF please contact one of the members of the board listed below.

Federal AUF Board

Contact members of the Federal AUF Board directly on the contact details below.

Executive Officers

Federal President

Graham Henderson
1103/39 Caravel Lane
Docklands Vic 3008
Mob: 0418 151 787
president [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au

Federal Secretary/Treasurer

Sue Dockar
PO Box 195
Menai Central NSW 2234
Mob: 0438 275 520
secretary [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au

Federal Memberships officer

Cathy Johnson
Mob: 0429 376 793
cathy [at] auf [dot] org [dot] au

Commission Representatives

National Director of Coaching,
Coaching and Snorkel Commission

Mary-Anne Stacey
2 Chelmsford Avenue
Millswood SA 5034
Ph: 08 8293 5885
Fax: 08 8351 6166
Mob: 0419 804 685
coaching [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au

Spearfishing Commission Chairperson

Adrian Wayne
33 The Boulevarde
Dunbogan 2443
Mob: 0418 282 696
spearfishing [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au

Underwater Hockey Commission Chairperson

Nick Martyn
66 Oldham Avenue
Newtown Tas 7008
Mob: 0408 238 509
uwhockey [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au

Finswimming Commission Chairperson

Helen Lane
17 Montagu Bay Road,
Montagu Bay, TAS  7018
Mob: 0418 136 837
finswimming [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au

Underwater Rugby Commission Chairperson

Zoe De Vries
Fig Tree Hall
Gate 5 High St C/- P.O. Box 56
Maitland North 2320
NSW 2052
Mob: 0402 339 015
chairman [at] uwra [dot] org [dot] au

Recreational Diving

Graham Henderson
Mob: 0418 151 787
scuba [at] auf [dot] org [dot] au

State Representatives

Contact State Representatives of the AUF directly on the contact details below.

New South Wales

Sue Dockar
P.O. Box 195
Menai Central NSW 2234
Mob: 0438 275 520
soozied [at] bigpond [dot] com">soozied [at] bigpond [dot] com


Judy Breeze
83 Bunkers Hill School Road
Westbrook Qld 4350
Mob: 0418 754 644
judyaufq [at] bigpond [dot] net [dot] au 

South Australia

Joe Tindall
8 Medlands Close
Wyn Vale SA 5127
Ph/Fax: 08 8288 8360
joeandnette [at] chariot [dot] net [dot] au


Helen Lane
Bathurst Street P.O. 4608,
Bathurst Street, Hobart, Tas 7000
activec [at] bigpond [dot] net [dot] au

Western Australia

Ray Horn
P.O. Box 5582
Falcon WA 6210
Mob: 0475 766462
dawesville18 [at] hotmail [dot] com


Graham Henderson
1103/39 Caravel Lane
Docklands Vic 3008
Mob: 0418 151 787
president [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au