Perpetual Awards

  • Nominations for Perpetual Awards other than the Beau Beere Trophy will close on the opening day of the Board Meeting. Nomination for a Perpetual Award other than Beau Beere Trophy can only be made by the State Branch in which the nominee is a Member or a Federal commission.
  • To be eligible for nomination for Perpetual Awards the relevant deed or deeds shall have occurred before 1st July in the season under consideration.
  • Any deed occurring on or after 1st July shall be considered for the following season.
  • The Federal Secretary shall be the only receiver of applications for perpetual awards.
  • The Federal Secretary shall issue to all Board Members details of nominations for the 'Sportsman of the Year Award' and the Beau Beere award at the commencement of the Federal Board Meeting.
  • Nominations for Perpetual Underwater Fishing trophies must comply with applicable By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Australian Underwater Federation.
  • The Records Officer shall be responsible for the recalling of all perpetual trophies and the records pertaining to the holders.
  • Members winning perpetual trophies shall accept the responsibility of any damage occurring to such trophies while in their possession prior to such trophies being returned to the Federation on the request of the Federal Records Officer.

Beau Beere Award

Awarded to the person considered by the Federal Board to have done the most for the advancement of underwater sports in Australia during the previous 12 months.
Nominees must be a registered financial member of the Federation and must not be a former recipient of the award.

In submitting and voting on the nominations the following shall be carefully considered.

  1. Administrative ability in underwater sports.
  2. Personal attitude to the positionheld.
  3. Benefit to others achieved through nominee's activities.
  4. Future effects of contributions to the Sport.
  5. Contribution in administrative field over previous 12 months.

Sportsman of the Year Award

Any competitive underwater sportsman who is registered as a financial member of the Australian Underwater Federation is eligible for nomination.
In submitting and voting on nominations the following shall be carefully considered under the appropriate sub-headings.

  1. Personal attitude to competitive underwater sports.
  2. Conduct in relation to fellow competitors.
  3. Participation in Club and minor competitions.
  4. Participation in State and major competitions.
  5. Assistance and encouragement rendered to others in improving their ability.
  6. Contributions towards the betterment of the nominee's Club.

Nominations for 'Sportsman of the Year' must be endorsed by two (2) Officials of the nominee's Club or commission being the President or an Executive Officer and one further
Club or commission Committee Member with neither being the nominee, plus one (1) endorsement by the State President or a State Executive Officer of the relevant commission. The nomination must be approved by the relevant State Branch or commission. '


APPLICATION FORM Sportsperson of the Year.