New Membership and Events Platform

The AUF has a new membership and events platform called Game Day. This new system gives greater control to all the tier levels of our federation. Administrators from club level, State Level, Federal Level and National Level now have direct access to their members. They can value add to their members by being able to offer products and services catered to their members specific needs.

They now have easy access to communicate with a single member, specific groups or the whole of their membership. They can easily identify any trends, growth areas and diversity amongst members.

It should be noted we took the decision to not transfer members from our old data base. The reason for this is that over the long period of time of using the old database it was contaminated with dirty data. This is data that could not be relied upon as being current and correct. So each member in effect will be signing up as a new member, with clean data. Obviously the new system will take over a year to fully populate.

As far as event management goes, our mission will be for the events platform to handle all our events moving forward. It will give those running events from club level to national championships a greater ability to set up event, publicise then and control them. It has an event ticketing system included that organisers will be able to scan QR codes with their smart phones, at the event to give access.

They can direct fees for the event to different bank accounts automatically when a person selects the competition. They can attach products such as tee shirts or other apparel, show location maps and basically have control of all the event information in one place.

Lastly I would ask members to be patient with the roll out, as with a 100+ clubs to come on board and learning the new system, it will take time for everybody to get up to speed and be comfortable using the new platform.

If any member has any questions please drop an email to president [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au