Winner of the Beau Bere Award

Eden Brown of NSW wins Beau Bere Award for services to underwater hockey.

Eden has made a valuable contribution to underwater hockey in New South Wales, at both a development and representative level.
In her local club, the University of Wollongong UWH club, she often runs training sessions for the promising junior athletes that attend club nights. She has been selected as the chaperone for the NSW U19s boy’s and girl’s teams attending nationals on the Gold Coast in January 2017.
Eden has been a valuable player in the NSW elite women’s team for many years, helping them to reach the grand final in the last 4 consecutive years and coming away with silver. Eden was also awarded the MVP award in a losing side in this year’s elite women’s final at nationals on the Gold Coast.
Her representative honours also extend to the international stage. Eden won gold in the master’s women division at the world championships in Stellenbosch, South Africa in March. This was in conjunction to concurrently coaching the Australian elite women’s team at the world championships as well.
Eden’s attributes in both playing and developing the game make her an ideal candidate for the AUF Beau Bere award.

AUF Sportsperson of the year

Rhys Milburn from Western Australia wins AUF Sportsperson of the year

Rhys was a Member of the WA state team for underwater hockey and underwater rugby that won both National Championships. Winning the national rugby championships was particuarly meritorious given that it was only the second competion the Western Australian team had entered.
In that period Rhys is reigning world champion for underwater hockey after winning the world championships in april 2016 in stellenbosch South Africa..

Letter from the President to all members


 From the President to all Members

3 May 2016


Dear Member,

I am writing to you all, about changes in our fee structure, governance practices, insurance cover, membership system upgrade and future direction of the federation.


In conjunction with our insurers, we have developed a member’s information pack, (Available on our web site).  It explains in simple terms what coverage the AUF has.  It explains claims procedures for public liability and personal injury claims, injury reporting and other more general information.

Our death benefit cover has been reinstated this year for all of our sports.  Our volunteer and coaches cover has been updated as to our professional indemnity.  I believe this is the most comprehensive policy the AUF has ever had and will be a reassuring benefit to our members.  It should be noted that this insurance is now costing us in excess of $42,000.00 per year.

Membership Database upgrade.

In 2014 our contract with IMG, our membership system provider expired.  It was felt that the current system we were using was becoming antiquated and not user friendly.  We also felt that with the increase in mobile technology that we needed to offer a platform that was mobile friendly.  Our current platform was far too rigid as it was a three tier system, which meant we had to base our usability requirements around the system.

IMG have offered us a new contract on a new platform, one that is mobile friendly and is flexible to be designed around our needs.  This will give all levels of our membership greater ease of access, by being able to create as many tiers as necessary.  Federal Commissions will be able to access all their members’ data right across Australia.  Likewise state commissions and branches, individual clubs will be able to log into the system, and use the email mail out facility for their individual members.

There will also be a competition portal, so the organisers of any competitions can set up registration fees for any events.  Competitors can pay by credit card and the fees will automatically be transferred to nominated bank accounts.

The new system differs in its pricing structure as opposed to the old one.  We now pay a monthly fee for the system, but the credit card transaction fees have been reduced.  It will cost us a little more but we believe this will be offset by delivering a better system for the members.  We hope to have the new system online by October.

Membership Fees.

With the investment outlay for the new membership system and increased insurance, we have had to look at membership fees.  We still believe that membership for underwater sports, is still one of the cheapest around.  But we have had to increase our fees for the 2016-2017 periods

These new fees which will start in May, when we kick off with our early bird special.

You will notice that we know have split the senior and junior fees, between AUF club and non-club members.  Your fees will be cheaper if you a member of an AUF registered club.  This is because the board has taken the position that we want to be a club based organisation.  I will talk further on this later.

So generally a senior membership has gone from $75.00 to $80.00, for a registered club member.  A non-club member is $100.00; this is proportionate across all the membership grades.

We have asked our commissions to submit a list of member clubs.  To be a registered club within the AUF you need to have 8 members registered on the AUF data base.  Existing clubs that meet these criteria will remain on the data base.  If a new club is to be registered then the form which is available on the AUF web site, will need to be filled out and sent to our membership officer.

Remember if a club on the current data base doesn’t have the required number of members, it will be removed.  The club will need to lodge the attached form and have the required number of members to be renewed on the data base.

Good Governance and Transparency.

With continuing pressure being applied by the government, via the Australian sports commission, we have had to evaluate and reassess our governance procedures and reporting.  This includes reporting protocols, financial reporting, operational rules, policy adherence Government grants disbursement and member protection.

From the top down we will be focusing on specific areas moving forward.

 Financial planning,

If any of our member groups deal with more than $20,000.00 per year.  They will need to have their accounts audited, under this amount they will need to provide an income and expenditure statement.  This will need to be provided to their parent sporting body. i.e. clubs to state commissions, State to Federal Commissions and Federal Commissions to Federal AUF.  This needs to be recorded as all these different levels are handling member’s funds and possibly receiving grant funds.

Operational rules

Each club, state commission and Federal commission will need a minimum standard, set of operational rules.  Some groups already have these, others don’t. We will be evaluating all current rules in all of our member groups, to make sure they conform to our aims and objectives and a minimum standard.

Things that will be addressed are membership criteria, inequalities in voting rights, the need to be club based at state level, state based at a national level and discipline based at a federal level. That member’s rights are reflected equally throughout the organisation. That our member groups follow the principals outlined in our member protection policy.

We need to make sure that the different state laws that deal with child protection are being practiced, and that all statutory requirements are being followed.

We understand that this will be a lengthy and ongoing process, but one that in the end will make us a stronger and fairer organisation.

We welcome any comments or questions on the above.


Yours in underwater sports,

Graham Henderson.




Australia Dominates World Underwater Hockey Championships


PRESS RELEASE                                                                            3 April 2016




Australian Underwater Hockey teams have dominated the 19th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships winning gold in three out of the four divisions.

Australia were crowned the world champion team in the Elite Mens, Masters Men (over 35 years old) and Masters Womens (over 32 years old) divisions at the championships held in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The Australian Elite Women’s team placed 6th.

The Australian Elite Men team prevailed 3-0 over a valiant Turkish team in the final game of the championship. In one of the most even and closely fought competitions in years, the win was a testament to the team’s focus according to coach David Lambert.

“This win was three years in the planning and three years of training. We played to the plan today and our boys got it done,” said Lambert.

“We improved game on game through the competition and our three finals were excellent. Today’s result is just reward for our efforts. It just goes to show that Australia’s open style of game can still dominate at the elite level,” said Lambert.

Australia’s history making day began early in the day when the Australian Masters Womens team prevailed three goals to one over their South African counterparts. Lena Plambeck and Hayley Digney scored goals in the victory.

Playing coach, Kirsteen Reid praised the spirit and determination of her players, “It was an amazing result for us today. It was a tough game but the girls played so well, I couldn’t be prouder,” she said. The win made it back-to-back World Championship titles for the team.

The success continued when the Australian Masters Mens team won their gold medal game in convincing style. The Australian’s dominated their Great Britain opponents from the outset scoring a goal in the opening minute. The 4-0 halftime margin blew out to an unequivocal 9-1 win.

The team was absolutely dominant, going through the tournament undefeated and defending its World Championship title in the division.

The win was the culmination of an excellent tournament by all eleven players in the squad according to playing coach Jason Miezis, “The boys executed the Australian style to perfection today. We played open and skilful hockey,” he said.

“We looked to move the puck into space at every opportunity, we did that and the result took care of itself,” said Miezis.

With a several young players experiencing their first world championships, the Australian Elite Women’s team didn’t finish in the medals but made great improvement throughout the competition according to co-coaches Eden Brown and Tania McLeish.

The 10-day tournament brought together more than 400 players from 44 teams competing across the four divisions. 17 nations were represented at the tournament.

Final Standings


  Elite Men Elite Women Masters Men Master Women
1st Australia South Africa Australia Australia
2nd Turkey New Zealand Great Britain South Africa
3rd Great Britain France France Colombia
4th Colombia Colombia Netherlands France
5th New Zealand Spain South Africa Great Britain
6th France Australia USA USA
7th Netherlands USA Colombia Canada
8th South Africa Canada Canada Argentina
9th Canada Great Britain Philippines  
10th USA Germany    
11th Spain Singapore    
12th Belgium Argentina    
13th Italy Philippines    
14th Argentina      


Official championship website:


Full results and standings:


For more information contact:


Craig Mackenzie

Executive Director, Underwater Hockey Australia

Email: craig [dot] mackenzie [at] uwa [dot] edu [dot] au

Mobile: 0419 927 577


Nina Barry-Macaulay

Communications Officer, Underwater Hockey Australia

Email: nina [dot] b-m [at] hotmail [dot] com

Mobile: 0400 698 089

B Keely

Above: Australian Elite player – Belinda Keeley in AUS vs CAN game.

Masters women

Above: Master’s Women Win Gold.

Mens Team

Elite Men – National Anthem before grand final match vs Turkey

-- ENDS --

Dark Depths

The dark depths of Underwater hockey.

World Underwater Hockey Age Group Championship Results

For results as they come to hand for all the divisions, click here,

Australian Spearfishing Team 2014 ‘Leaving for Peru’ Monday 20 October (L-R. David Birch, Bryson Sheehy, Gunther Pfrengle, Adam Smith)-Good luck boys

Oz Team
Team Australia has been chosen, and are preparing for a very exciting and challenging 29th CMAS World Spearfishing Championships in Peru. The competition is scheduled for 28th October through to 2nd November 2014.
The team consists of
Team divers - Gunther Pfrengle
Adam Smith
Bryson Sheehy
Team Manager - Dave Birch

All of the Team are experienced spearos coming together from Townsville in Nth . Queensland, the Gold Coast, to Sydney.
All divers have been chosen from competition results including the 2013 Aussie titles, and the annual Inter-Pacific Championships.
Both Gunther and Adam has represented Australia on numerous occasions in international events, and have the expertize and fitness to excel  at this level, and Bryson is an upcoming champion in Australian spearfishing events -placing 4th at his 1st National competition at Kangaroo Island last year.
We expect to do very well if conditions become more acceptable, and good viso prevails.
Team USA are already there, and encountering poor conditions, with visibility of 2-5 metres, and seas up to 3 metres high crashing in on the coast.
Team NZ have a couple of guys there already, and the rest arrive as we do on Monday.
Reports are coming in that the Russian Team and a few Greek Team members are getting some fishing also.

What is the climate like?
Lima's climate is in transition between mild and warm, despite being located in the tropics and in a desert. Although classified as subtropical, Lima's proximity to the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean leads to temperatures much cooler than those expected for a subtropical desert, and can be classified as a mild desert climate. It is neither cold nor very hot. Temperatures rarely fall below 12 °C (54 °F) or rise above 29 °C (84 °F) throughout the entire year. Two distinct seasons can be identified: summer, from December through April; and winter from June through October. May and November are generally transition months, with the warm-to-cool weather transition being more dramatic.

Relative humidity is always very high, particularly in the mornings. High humidity produces brief morning fog in the early summer and a usually persistent low cloud deck during the winter (generally developing in May and persisting all the way into late November or even early December). Predominant onshore flow makes the Lima area one of the cloudiest among the entire Peruvian coast. Lima has only 1284 hours of sunshine a year, 28.6 hours in July and 179.1 hours in January, exceptionally little for the latitude. Winter cloudiness prompts locals to seek for sunshine in Andean valleys located at elevations generally above 500 meters above sea level.  While relative humidity is high, rainfall is very low due to strong atmospheric stability. The severely low rainfall impacts on water supply in the city, which originates from wells and from rivers that flow from the Andes. Coastal districts receive only 1 to 3 cm (1.2 in). Summer rain is infrequent, and occurs in the form of isolated light and brief showers. These generally occur during afternoons and evenings when leftovers from Andean storms arrive from the east. The lack of heavy rainfall arises from high atmospheric stability caused, in turn, by the combination of cool waters from semi-permanent coastal upwelling and the presence of the cold Humboldt Current and warm air aloft associated with the South Pacific anticyclone.The Aussies will meet at Sydney Int'l Airport around 10.30am on Monday 20th October 2014, and fly out on Qantas international bound for Santiago, Chile. The Qantas flight has an expected duration of 12.5  hrs.

A 1.5 hr stopover in Chile will see us board a flight to Lima, Peru with a flight time of 4 hrs.
Although we leave Sydney at 1225hrs, we arrive in Lima, Peru  at 1555hrs the same Monday!

Follow this page for details of the trip, which are expected to be updated daily live from Peru, with plenty of photos.
A very special thanks to the cash sponsors of this expedition, for without their sponsorship, the trip would be a massive cost to team members. These sponsors include;
Australian Underwater Federation (A.U.F.)
Underwater Skindivers & Fishermans Association, (U.S.F.A.)
Seafresh Australia,
SpearAust; Adrian Wayne
Coffs Harbour Bluewater Freedivers Club
San Souci Dolphins Spearfishing Club;
St. George Underwater Club;
Any other clubs/organizations who wish to contribute are encouraged to contact Adrian Wayne ASAP.

Much planning and preparation has gone into the trip, and this includes the running of a raffle to raise funds through John Featherstones' publication 'Spearfishing Magazine'.
On his website, there is a link to buy tickets for a chance to win many fabulous prizes including a Spearfishing trip to Tonga valued at $2500!

Other prizes include;
Aimrite King Venom gun valued at $1395
A pair of Ray Powell  DiveR fins valued at $550
HOTELS.COM  voucher for 2 people for 2 nights at a 5 star hotel value $500
Jack Daniels Racing Team Jacket valued at $220
Two MANNYSUB roller gun muzzle kits, valued at $200 each
Rob Allen solid float valued at $140
Assorted Jack Daniels merchandise

Support the Aussie Team by clicking on the link below and buying a ticket or 10 please.

Progressive draws for prizes will be carried out from 28th October and the final draw for 1st prize being drawn on Friday 7th November on the Teams return. Winners will be notified by email and phone.
NOTE: Team members and their families are not eligible for prizes.

Australia has always scored on the top 20% of results in World Championships, including the win of the late Ron Taylor winning the World Championships back in 1965 in Tahiti. This is your chance to be part of this history making trip......


Show your pride in this great country of ours,
in our champion spearfishers,
and the 1st Aussie Team to be invited to the World Championships in over 10 years.
Get behind the Aussie Team and help us bring home GOLD!


Interpacific Spearfishing Report 2014 Tahiti

2014 interpacifics raiatea-13

2014 National Spearfishing Championship Results

Results of the 2014 National Spearfishing Championships.

Held at Kangaroo Island South Australia.

2014 National Spearfishing Titles Final Results

2014 National Spearfishing Titles Position by Category

2014 Super Diver Results


Fishing and boating industry media release

Launch of the I Fish, I Boat, I Vote CampaignFBV media release 2 August 2013 final

Aussie Spearfishers call for “balance” on marine parks


Aussie Spearfishers call for “balance” on marine parks

The split this week between the Greens and the Government gives Labor the chance to restore balance to its Commonwealth marine park plans, the peak advocacy organisation representing Australian spearfishers says.

“It is clear to us that the Greens had pressured Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to implement extremist lock out policies in the development of these marine park plans,” Adrian Wayne, Chairman of the AUF, said today.

“Now the Greens have walked away from their deal with the Government, we are expecting Mr Burke to restore balance to the issue by re-thinking the unjustified lock out of Australia’s 5 million recreational fishers from the proposed marine parks.

“We are ready and willing to immediately engage with Mr Burke and his Department to help formulate proactive policies that will protect our fragile marine environment while also allowing sustainable recreational fishing to continue.”

Current marine park plans being considered by Mr Burke would result in recreational fishers being locked out of 1.3 million square kilometres of Australia’s oceans.

“If that goes ahead, the Gillard Government would be responsible for the biggest angler lock out in history,” Mr Wayne said.

“We find it hard to believe that a Labor Government would want to deprive hard-working Aussies of the chance to enjoy a dip in the ocean and catch a feed for their families. In fact, we suspect the lock out agenda of the current marine park plans was forced on the Government via the deal with the Greens.

“Now the Greens have broken that deal, we are hoping that Mr Burke will want to talk with us about designing less extremist policies.

AUF said the split with the Greens presented the Government with the opportunity to show their true colours when it comes to dealing with Aussie anglers.

“Do they want to alienate us by locking us out or do they want to work with us?

“The fact is that recreational spearfishers are dedicated to marine conservation. We just don’t want to be locked out for no good reason. Hopefully Mr Burke will now want to work with us and other recreational fishers to achieve balanced and effective marine parks that will benefit all Australians for generations to come.” AUF’s Adrian Wayne said.

Media Enquiries:

Adrian Wayne
spearfishing [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au
0418 282 696

Download Media Release