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65th National Spearfishing Championship Exmouth WA – Results



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Speargun offer 2016. itriadi

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RFA Hawkesbury Bioregion Letter 12 April 2016

Hi All,
The attatched doc is from the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW, where the AUF/NSW are affiliate members. Stan Konstantaras of RFA is heading up a campaign to see that fisho's are not screwed over.
The USFA , Matt Poulton & a few other Spearo's are taking a front seat in this with Stan so well done to them. A lot of time & hard work being carried by a few, so thanks guys.
I'm hoping to meet with the head guy managing this mpa in the next week or so, & if newsworthy will share.
For you interstate non NSW members it's a great example of a campaign & using independent parliamentarians who affect the balance of power. It's a similar strategy to that used by ARFF the national recfishing body where the National AUF Spearfishing sit on the committee. A great example you may use in your own local battles.
NSW Spearo's you need to get on the front foot & become involved in this as we've everything to lose as usual, please study the attachments & links provided, go to the RFA website to keep up on this, get their newsletters, write or go & see your local member.
Spearfishers should not be put out of any areas unless there is a sound scientific reason to do so & where Spearfishing may be seen to pose a threat to the environment we should have the right & opportunity to meet with the regulators & develop risk minimisation strategies that still allow limited Spearfishing.
We are well & truly done over in NSW & it's time the balances tipped our way.
Anglers in NSW have the advantage of a large portion of our licence & government money being spent on commercial buyouts to create recreational fishing havens & artificial reefs, there's also breakwater spearing bans all over NSW(angling allowed), none of which are of any use to the average Spearo. I'm not having a go at anglers but it's blatantly unfair, of all fishing methods we should have the most access to good territory, not the bloody least. And I'm not saying that we shouldn't work with & share support with anglers, but we are Spearo's!! At the end of the day the anglers will need to get the best outcome for their members as they are obliged to do. We need to keep this in mind & show that we are not complacent & run our own parallel campaign individually as Spearo's. We may well be on the bottom of the heap if we don't.
Remember the one exclusive thing we have in our power is that we can choose to be responsible in our actions & have the most minimal impact of all fishing methods including catch & release which has a mortality rate, also a mortality of bait/berley species. If C&R is allowed limited spearing should also be allowed.
Add to our disadvantages the LHI MPA Spearfishing only ban, North harbour Spearfishing only ban, less rock shelf access than anglers, unnecessary GNS exclusion zones in all mpa's & Southern QLD, no fresh water, no lakes, limited estuary & river, dirty water, rough water, strong currents, depth limitations, etc etc. We are the most screwed of all & it's time it stopped. Let your pollies know, use local opposition & sitting members of parliament, get onto local TV & newspapers.
Where's our exclusive use of territory & why don't we have some, there's nothing wrong with responsible Spearfishing is there??
It's time for everyone to man up do something & reverse this bias towards fishing & particularly Spearfishing. Come up with your own ideas, be reasonable & realistic but get out there yourself & make a difference. Do the required submissions & the things I've said in here but please let them know your here & that you care passionately. Don't leave it up to other Spearo's or you'll be leaving it up to 3or4 people only, and that wouldn't come across as strong to me.
Look at how the greens attack these things in mass, we got to do some of the same. Gather others to help put in submissions & make noise.
Could those addressed above please consider spreading these words & attachments through your club & members networks?
Please remember these words are purely my opinion, one which will not be shared by all!!
Best regards.
Adrian Wayne.

AUFSC National/NSW Chairman.

0418 282 696

Vale – Gordan “Slim” Ward

Its a shame we have lost someone like Slim Ward, we only knew him from a trip we did to Tahiti for the inter-pacific. Slim wanted to come along as interpreter and he proved to be much more than that. We learnt a lot from Slim and kept in touch with him with cards each year. A sad loss to Spearfishing.

Slim will be laid to rest this Friday 8th April 11.00am, service at the Good Shepherd Church 143 Moss Vale Rd in the main street of Kangaroo Valley.

On the hearing of his passing someone who knew him better than us contributed the following:

"I have known Slim for around 45 years, perhaps the longest fo most NZ spearfishers of his and my vintage. As New Zealanders we have been grateful to him ever since we first met back at the beginning of the 1970's. He was extraordinarily generous to us as the NZ spearfishing team and a gentleman to boot in the years that followed.

At the beginning of the 1970's Australia held a competition at Narooma and a NZ team was invited. We arrived in Sydney and Slim met us at the airport, introduced himself and packed us into his wagon and took us home to his place for a meal that Glynnis (spelling) had laid out for us. Hospitality was first rate and our education about Sydney's toilets in the area where he lived became a talking point for several years. We couldn't believe that in the city you had to walk to the back of the section in order get a seat!

We were introduced to Slim's shop, checked out his bikes, hitched up a caravan and headed to Narooma.  Parked in a camping ground, that caravan became our home courtesy of Slim for the period of the competition. Generous to a fault. We had comfort, access to the RSL and people arranged to take us diving each day. As I said earlier, Slim made an indelible impression on us Kiwis, one that was reinforced on numerous occasions thereafter when he would travel with Australian teams to international spearfishing events and when he and his wife did a travelling holiday around NZ. He and I kept that contact up until the last 3 or 4 years. Good for a chat, I was often told what George and Merv were said to have done or be doing and how he thought spearfishing administration in NSW should develop. He certainly had strong opinions and could be forthright in putting them forward.

Australian spearfishing had in Slim a committed supporter for which it ought to be grateful. Such people contribute handsomely to the lifeblood of voluntary organisations and I would imagine that those Australian spearfishing representatives in the era when Slim shouldered so much of managerial roles, will be grateful he put his hand up at the time and said, "I'll do it."

I'm grateful to have called him a friend."

Bob Rosemergy

Speaqrfishing NZ

May he rest in peace.

AUF Spearfishing.


Results from 2016 57 th Australian Pacific Coast Championships. Port Stephens, NSW.

The Championships held over Easter proved once again to be a popular and well attended event with great catering and prizes. The sea gods were kind to us for once and some good fish were taken.
Congratulations Newcastle Neptune's on an extremely well run safe event. Please see results."

2016 Inter-Pacific Spearfishing Championship Results

A well run event held in Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Congratulations go out to the New Zealand teams on their winning result in both the Mens and Ladies.

Our Australian Men's Team Guy Wood, Michael Pannach, Ryan Schulter, Jack Lavender and team manager Scott McKenzie placed a hard earned third position and our ladies team Taylah Martindale, Nikki Watt and Team Manager Joe Martindale fort hard in a tough competition placed 4th. Congratulations to all our team.

 Men                     Day 1       Day 2       Total     Place

NZ                         100         100           200       1st
New Caledonia      87            87           174       2nd
Australia                81            77           167        3rd
Tahiti                      76            87          163        4th
Hawaii                    71            88          159        5th
Guam                      35            74          109        6th

New Zealand         92          100           192        1st
Hawaii                  100           79            179       2nd
Guam                     36            88            124       3rd
Australia                48            54            102       4th

We would like to again take the opportunity to sincerley thank all our sponsors for the prizes donated to the team fundraiser and all the supporters who brought tickets.


Australia, Guam, Hawaii, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Tahiti Competitors 2016


Mens team Placings New Zealand, New Caledonia, Australia, Tahiti, Hawaii, Guam.


Ladies team placing - New Zealand, Hawaii, Guam, Australia.


Team Australia


2016 Mens winners New Zealand with Inter-Pacific Champions - New Caledonia


Support your Aussie mates attending N Z Interpacific 2016 – Fundraiser

We would like to sincerely  thank all those that supported the Fundraiser Raffle in support of the 2016 Interpacific Competitors.

Congratulations to all the winners, there were some quality prizes up for grabs.

The winners and prizes awarded are listed below:

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We managed to raise $3220 this year which was a massive help. Thanks again!


Support your Aussie mates attending N Z Interpacific 2016

NZ Interpac 2016 Fundraising Details

NZ Interpac 2016 Team


Spearsafe Media Release on Project Funding

Major boost for underwater safety

The Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) is responsible for "Bringing sport, conservation and awareness to the underwater world" and we are delighted with a recent grant from the Queensland Government to increase the safety of spearfishers, skindivers and snorkellors in Queensland waters.
The total grant is for $27377.00 and comprises three components

  • Printing and Distribute Safe Spearfishing DVD $8200.00
  • Review and rewrite training modules.  $18,000
  • Print and distribute safety brochures $1177.00

Luke Randall is Queensland Chair of the AUF Spearfishing Commission and has survived a serious accident of being run?over by a boat while spearfishing at the Gold Coast in 2006.  "I am fortunate to have survived a nasty accident and pleased that this grant will improve safety forother spearfishers and snorkellors as this grant will make a huge difference to improving safety training and communication" said MrRandall.

A national "Spear Safe" committee has been set up to increase safety of spearfishing and freediving and the focus of this committee includesregular meetings, articles, DVD, website, risk assessment, stickers. "I am pleased that the Queensland AUF will work closely with ournational, NSW, Vic, SA and WA volunteers to make a positive difference" said Mr Randall.

" I delighted that the Queensland Government has recognised the importance role of the AUF Queensland and our vision and commitmentto improve safety for all participants. The review of training modules will focus on spearfishing and snorkelling but will also include otherunderwater sports played in swimming pools such as Underwater hockey" said Judy Breeze, Executive Director, AUF Queensland.

Download the full media release.


Simple safety tips for safe diving

  1. Tow a diver (blue and white) flag and float to increase visibility
  2. Knife to prevent entanglement
  3. Weight belt with quick release buckle
  4. Never load speargun out of water and cover speartips
  5. Tell someone where you are going
  6. Dive with a buddy
  7. Do a risk assessment of conditions (weather, visibility, boat traffic, marine life)
  8. Never hyperventilate and dive within your limits

Anemonefish To Be Queensland’s Aquatic Emblem

State Parliament is this week set to legislate for the Barrier Reef Anemonefish to be Queensland’s Aquatic Emblem, Premier Peter Beattie said today.

“I’m delighted to put forward the Barrier Reef Anemonefish as Queensland’s Aquatic Emblem and even more so knowing that 19,202 people responded to our request for submissions on the emblem.

“The anemonefish - which claimed 27% of the submissions (5162) ahead of the Blue Sea Star with 16% - encapsulates the vibrancy of our outdoor lifestyle and the colourful spirit of Queensland

“When beginning this process Cabinet agreed that an Aquatic Emblem should reflect the spirit of Queensland’s values and be an appropriate addition to our suite of existing State Emblems.

“These include the koala, the Cooktown orchid, the brolga and sapphire.

“As well as reflecting the spirit of Queensland’s values our new Aquatic Emblem will also promote the importance of our coastal ecosystem.

“The biodiversity of the Reef is helping to advance our biotechnology industry and the Queensland Government’s Smart State agenda.

“The idea to identify an Aquatic Emblem originated from the Australian Underwater Federation, the peak group representing divers. Dr Adam Smith from the AUF initiated the idea for an aquatic emblem for Queensland to encourage greater understanding of our diverse aquatic biota. Dr Smith was also involved in the selection of the blue groper as the NSW aquatic emblem"

”The final decision of the Barrier Reef anemonefish is very appropriate as it is well known to fishers, divers, indigenous, tourism, conservationists and the general public through the success of the Nemo character in the Disney film”-said Dr Smith.

Mr Beattie said a panel of experts, chaired by the Queensland Museum,recommended a shortlist of aquatic species, including the barramundi cod, Hump-headed wrasse, eagle ray, leopard shark, coral and other well known aquatic species.

“The 19,202 submissions says that this has been a most successful process and we have an ideal outcome,” he said.

Media contact: Premier’s Office 3224 4500, Dr Adam Smith- Australian
Underwater Federation 0418 726 584

Download the Media Release.