New Membership and Events Platform

The AUF has a new membership and events platform called Game Day. This new system gives greater control to all the tier levels of our federation. Administrators from club level, State Level, Federal Level and National Level now have direct access to their members. They can value add to their members by being able to offer products and services catered to their members specific needs.

They now have easy access to communicate with a single member, specific groups or the whole of their membership. They can easily identify any trends, growth areas and diversity amongst members.

It should be noted we took the decision to not transfer members from our old data base. The reason for this is that over the long period of time of using the old database it was contaminated with dirty data. This is data that could not be relied upon as being current and correct. So each member in effect will be signing up as a new member, with clean data. Obviously the new system will take over a year to fully populate.

As far as event management goes, our mission will be for the events platform to handle all our events moving forward. It will give those running events from club level to national championships a greater ability to set up event, publicise then and control them. It has an event ticketing system included that organisers will be able to scan QR codes with their smart phones, at the event to give access.

They can direct fees for the event to different bank accounts automatically when a person selects the competition. They can attach products such as tee shirts or other apparel, show location maps and basically have control of all the event information in one place.

Lastly I would ask members to be patient with the roll out, as with a 100+ clubs to come on board and learning the new system, it will take time for everybody to get up to speed and be comfortable using the new platform.

If any member has any questions please drop an email to president [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au

Huntmaster / AUF Memorial Spearfishing Challenge & Port Stephens Big Fish Comp

15-16 February 2020



30th - 31st MAY 2020



It is important to read all the Relevant Documents Below to help us manage the event and ensure it runs smoothly:

National Spearfishing Titles Day 3 & Final Placings


Warren Carter placed second, followed closely by Sam Dawson who took the lead of most species for the day 3 event.

Day 3 Results

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 3 Results

Day 3 Results by Category

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 3 Results by Category

Day 3 Results - Ladies

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 3 Ladies


2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 3 Overall Results


2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day3 Overall Results by Category


2018 EDEN NSW ANST Day 3 Overall Ladies Results

Fin Swim and Film Fishing results - Super Diver

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Fin Swim Results

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Film Fish Results

2018 EDEN NSW ANST  Super Diver Results

True Pairs Competition held 26/1/2018

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Regisitration Score Sheet Pre True Pairs results

Placing and Sponsor Prizes

2018 EDEN NSW ANST Prize Listing

2018 ANST Eden Placings

PHOTO Gallery



National Spearfishing Titles Day 2 & Cumulative Results

A very good day for Jack Lavender. A number of other positions have altered.

Day 2 Results

2018 Eden NSW ANST Day 2 Results

Day 2 Results by Category

2018 Eden NSW ANST Day 2 Results by Category

Day 2 Results - Ladies

2018 Eden NSW ANST Day 2 Results - Ladies

Cumulative results - After Day 2

2018 Eden NSW ANST Overall Position Results post Day 2

Cumulative results - After Day 2 by Category

2018 Eden NSW ANST Overall Position Results post Day 2 by Category

Cumulative results - After Day 2 - Ladies

2018 Eden NSW ANST Day 2 Overall Results - Ladies

4 Diver Team Results

2018 Eden NSW ANST - 4 Diver Team Results



Australian Marine Parks draft Management plans released today

Read the details by selecting the link below

Australian Marine Parks draft management plans released today SECUNCLASSIFIED

Commonwealth Marine Reserves, Details Released.

For full details select the link below

CMR Press Release

PREMIER EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT 66th Australian National Open Spearfishing Titles January 2018


Select the link for more information



RFA Hawkesbury Bioregion Letter 12 April 2016

Hi All,
The attatched doc is from the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW, where the AUF/NSW are affiliate members. Stan Konstantaras of RFA is heading up a campaign to see that fisho's are not screwed over.
The USFA , Matt Poulton & a few other Spearo's are taking a front seat in this with Stan so well done to them. A lot of time & hard work being carried by a few, so thanks guys.
I'm hoping to meet with the head guy managing this mpa in the next week or so, & if newsworthy will share.
For you interstate non NSW members it's a great example of a campaign & using independent parliamentarians who affect the balance of power. It's a similar strategy to that used by ARFF the national recfishing body where the National AUF Spearfishing sit on the committee. A great example you may use in your own local battles.
NSW Spearo's you need to get on the front foot & become involved in this as we've everything to lose as usual, please study the attachments & links provided, go to the RFA website to keep up on this, get their newsletters, write or go & see your local member.
Spearfishers should not be put out of any areas unless there is a sound scientific reason to do so & where Spearfishing may be seen to pose a threat to the environment we should have the right & opportunity to meet with the regulators & develop risk minimisation strategies that still allow limited Spearfishing.
We are well & truly done over in NSW & it's time the balances tipped our way.
Anglers in NSW have the advantage of a large portion of our licence & government money being spent on commercial buyouts to create recreational fishing havens & artificial reefs, there's also breakwater spearing bans all over NSW(angling allowed), none of which are of any use to the average Spearo. I'm not having a go at anglers but it's blatantly unfair, of all fishing methods we should have the most access to good territory, not the bloody least. And I'm not saying that we shouldn't work with & share support with anglers, but we are Spearo's!! At the end of the day the anglers will need to get the best outcome for their members as they are obliged to do. We need to keep this in mind & show that we are not complacent & run our own parallel campaign individually as Spearo's. We may well be on the bottom of the heap if we don't.
Remember the one exclusive thing we have in our power is that we can choose to be responsible in our actions & have the most minimal impact of all fishing methods including catch & release which has a mortality rate, also a mortality of bait/berley species. If C&R is allowed limited spearing should also be allowed.
Add to our disadvantages the LHI MPA Spearfishing only ban, North harbour Spearfishing only ban, less rock shelf access than anglers, unnecessary GNS exclusion zones in all mpa's & Southern QLD, no fresh water, no lakes, limited estuary & river, dirty water, rough water, strong currents, depth limitations, etc etc. We are the most screwed of all & it's time it stopped. Let your pollies know, use local opposition & sitting members of parliament, get onto local TV & newspapers.
Where's our exclusive use of territory & why don't we have some, there's nothing wrong with responsible Spearfishing is there??
It's time for everyone to man up do something & reverse this bias towards fishing & particularly Spearfishing. Come up with your own ideas, be reasonable & realistic but get out there yourself & make a difference. Do the required submissions & the things I've said in here but please let them know your here & that you care passionately. Don't leave it up to other Spearo's or you'll be leaving it up to 3or4 people only, and that wouldn't come across as strong to me.
Look at how the greens attack these things in mass, we got to do some of the same. Gather others to help put in submissions & make noise.
Could those addressed above please consider spreading these words & attachments through your club & members networks?
Please remember these words are purely my opinion, one which will not be shared by all!!
Best regards.
Adrian Wayne.

AUFSC National/NSW Chairman.

0418 282 696

2016 Inter-Pacific Spearfishing Championship Results

A well run event held in Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Congratulations go out to the New Zealand teams on their winning result in both the Mens and Ladies.

Our Australian Men's Team Guy Wood, Michael Pannach, Ryan Schulter, Jack Lavender and team manager Scott McKenzie placed a hard earned third position and our ladies team Taylah Martindale, Nikki Watt and Team Manager Joe Martindale fort hard in a tough competition placed 4th. Congratulations to all our team.

 Men                     Day 1       Day 2       Total     Place

NZ                         100         100           200       1st
New Caledonia      87            87           174       2nd
Australia                81            77           167        3rd
Tahiti                      76            87          163        4th
Hawaii                    71            88          159        5th
Guam                      35            74          109        6th

New Zealand         92          100           192        1st
Hawaii                  100           79            179       2nd
Guam                     36            88            124       3rd
Australia                48            54            102       4th

We would like to again take the opportunity to sincerley thank all our sponsors for the prizes donated to the team fundraiser and all the supporters who brought tickets.


Australia, Guam, Hawaii, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Tahiti Competitors 2016


Mens team Placings New Zealand, New Caledonia, Australia, Tahiti, Hawaii, Guam.


Ladies team placing - New Zealand, Hawaii, Guam, Australia.


Team Australia


2016 Mens winners New Zealand with Inter-Pacific Champions - New Caledonia