Membership Page

This page is used to apply for and renew AUF memberships and apply for and renew coaching qualifications. CMAS diver & instructor certification is no longer applied for via this page. Please go to CMAS Diver Certifications for details.

The links below will take you to the membership page for your club.

New members will need to click Sign Up under the login button after clicking on your club below. Renewing members will need to log in using their previous login details.

If you are not in a club you can select the State/Territory Commission, under your sport, and register as a member of that State.

Membership fees are $95.00 for senior and $55.00 for junior regardless of what sport or underwater activity you play/do.
Some clubs also have a club membership fee component that is added to the fees above.

To start please click on your club or State under your sport below.

If your club is not listed below, you will need to register your club. Click here for the form.

Please make sure you select the correct sport below as your club name may appear in different sports.

Underwater Rugby


Blue Water Freedivers WA.
Bundaberg Skindivers, Spearfishing.
Cairns Underwater Association Inc Spearfishing. Cairns underwater hockey is further down the page
Central Coast Sealions.
Coffs Harbour B/water F/divers
Curtis Coast Spearfishing Spearfishing.
Freedive Extreme - Spearfishing.
Geelong Freedivers.
Gulf Skindivers SA.
Living Water Skindivers NSW.
Mackay Downunder Spearfishing Club - Spearfishing.
Mosman Whalers Skindiving.
Newcastle Neptunes Underwater.
North Shore Seahawks.
Revesby Workers Spearfishing.
Sans Souci Dolphins.
SEQ Underwater Sports Club Spearfishing
South Coast Barracudas.
Southern Freedivers Inc.
South Pacific Spearfishing, AUF.
Spearfishing ACT. Non Club Member
Spearfishing NSW Non Club member
Spearfishing Qld Non Club member
Spearfishing SA Non Club Member
Spearfishing VIC Non Club member
Spearfishing NT Non Club Member
Spearfishing TAS Non Club Member
Spearfishing WA Non Club Member
St George S/fishing/Freediving.
Summerland Skindivers.
Sunshine Coast Skindivers Inc - Spearfishing.
Sydney Spearos.
Tas Spearos
Townsville Skindiving Club Inc - Spearfishing
Tweed Gold Coast Freedivers - Spearfishing.
Underwater Adventurers Club - Spearfishing
WA Undersea Club

Underwater Hockey

Coach Applications/Renewals

SCUBA/Recreational Snorkelling


Freediving State Membership


This membership type does not allow you to compete as there is no insurance coverage.