Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Dear AUF friends and colleagues,

Many of our members have asked about the impact for the second year in row – the coral bleaching occurring at the Great Barrier Reef.

As the climate changes, coral bleaching is predicted to become more frequent. Sea temperature increases and coral stress from other impacts may increase corals’ vulnerability to bleaching. Current aerial survey results of the Reef show the recent coral bleaching was patchy and there are many reefs that remained largely unaffected. Authorities have told us these reefs will help seed recovery. Reefs and individual coral colonies do have the ability to recover, depending on the severity of the bleaching and whether other pressures are reduced. Finding new ways to ease the environmental burden on the Reef is a key focus of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation which also manages reseeding projects of heat tolerant corals.

Below is a link to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation which supports ongoing Reef restoration. The Foundation funds science projects that produce solutions with impact to address the key challenges facing the Reef. I think you will find their updates interesting. We understand that restoration of the GBR will be an ongoing process, but it is an important effort to divers around the world. The following will tell you about their membership campaign and how they are working to protect and restore the Great Barrier Reef, our global icon, for the enjoyment of all.

Thank you,
Graham Henderson




Dear Great Barrier Reef Enthusiast,
We need your support to protect our greatest national treasure, the Great Barrier Reef. With coral reefs around the world facing more challenges than ever before, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation is focused on enabling projects specifically targeted to building an adaptable and resilient Reef – one that can withstand environmental and man-made threats.

The projects we support combine science, technology, engineering and on-ground conservation actions to create a lasting impact. We believe these are the projects that will make a difference.

As you consider making an end of year tax donation to your preferred charity, please prioritise our precious Reef. The struggle to conserve coral reefs is now at a critical stage.

Please give today so we can save our Reef. We want our children to experience the beauty of healthy coral reefs.

Thank you

Anna Marsden
Managing Director
Great Barrier Reef Foundation

P.S. It’s easy to be part of the solution – make your secure online donation by visiting and learn more about the work we do. Thank you.