The AUF is the umbrella organisation for the following sports and recreations: Fin Swimming, SCUBA, Apnoea/Freediving, Snorkel,
Coaching/Training, Spearfishing, Underwater Hockey and Underwater Rugby

Underwater Rugby

Underwater Rugby has officially gained recognition from the AUF and will be competing in the World Underwater Games in Sydney in September, 2013 See a recent news article in the SMH about Underwater Rugby including a video of Underwater Rugby game play.
Scuba Diving

Recreational Diving Commission/Scuba

The National Recreational Diving Commission has been established to manage all scuba and snorkel sporting and technical matters, including but not limited to, the following: scientific, research, investigation, publication and analysis related to any scuba or snorkel diving activity or equipment or techniques; Education, Conservation, Professional Relationships, Cave Diving, Underwater Photography, Scuba Competitions, Diving and Instructor […]

Underwater Hockey

The British Navy invented underwater hockey in the 1950’s to keep their divers fit and to improve their ability to move and work efficiently under water. The game came to Australia shortly after and has evolved into a fast dynamic sport played in more than 20 counties. Underwater hockey is played in a 25m x […]
Australian Underwater Federation Spearfishing


Spearfishing and freediving are growing in popularity in Australia due to clear water, large fish, healthy outdoor exercise, superb seafood and education. The AUF is a volunteer organisation and plays a significiant co-ordinating role in this exciting sport. As a national not-for-profit organisation, AUF relies on the support from marine enthusiasts across Australia. With the financial and […]
Apnoea Photo Source: Yonatan Zur

Apnoea and Freediving

The term "Apnoea" designates a sports event where the athlete holds his breath keeping the face below the surface of the water.  Free diving is often strongly associated with competitive breath-hold diving or Competitive Apnoea. Competitive free diving is governed by CMAS. There are  eleven disciplines in CMAS competitive free diving. All disciplines can be done by […]
Photo Source: Flickr|Jayhem|3600002571|CCBy2.0

Fin Swimming

Fin Swimming is an all over body fitness sport and with use of the mono fin much faster than conventional swimming. Suitable for ages 12yrs and up (OZFIN does not recommend the use of a Mono fin on growing feet- but has events for flipper (duo) swimmers in all ages) Suitable for those ex-swimmers who have sore […]
Photo Source: lotus3|Fotopedia|4292766423_dc0e405e85_o| CC BY-NC 3.0

Snorkel and Coaching

AUF National Director of Coaching Mary-Anne Stacey, runs coaching courses on behalf of the AUF through her aquatic training business, Out There Underwater.