Fin Swimming

Fin Swimming is an all over body fitness sport and with use of the mono fin much faster than conventional swimming.

  • Suitable for ages 12yrs and up (OZFIN does not recommend the use of a Mono fin on growing feet- but has events for flipper (duo) swimmers in all ages)
  • Suitable for those ex-swimmers who have sore shoulders  (Fin swimmers do not need to use arms, but swim using a dolphin style motion with arms extended)
  • Suitable for fitness exercises
  • Australia has many Masters competitors - ages 25-65

The Fin Swimming National Governing Body is OZFIN Inc. Their mission is:

  • To foster, develop and encourage participation of Fin Swimming activities throughout Australia.
  • To continually improve the standard of competition
  • To assist with conducting National and International Competitions within Australia .
  • To select and encourage teams to participate in International Competition
  • To assist Clubs and State organizations with information, rule updates, and promotional material
  • To ensure the accreditation of Coaches and Officials and work with them to achieve a high level of success for participants of all ages.