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Scuba Diving

The National Recreational Diving Commission has been established to manage all scuba and snorkel sporting and technical matters, including but not limited to, the following: scientific, research, investigation, publication and analysis related to any scuba or snorkel diving activity or equipment or techniques; Education, Conservation, Professional Relationships, Cave Diving, Underwater Photography, Scuba Competitions, Diving and Instructor Standards, Training and Techniques (excluding NCAS snorkel coaches); Marine Engineering, Underwater Vehicles, Audio Visual, Medicine, Physiology and Psychology.

The focus of the Commission is to provide support for CMAS diving instructors, dive clubs, promote the AUF among sport diving enthusiasts; encourage conservation of the environment, provide opportunities for exchange and interactions between dive clubs, support AUF dive clubs in development of club procedures, process and administration. The Commission has a Technical Sub-Committee, made up of CMAS 3 Star Instructors, that is responsible for providing the AUF with guidelines for safe diving, educational standards, federation specific CMAS standard requirements; quality control, instructor training guidelines and training/assessment programs, development and management of diver training material; manage complaints and disciplinary actions related to CMAS instructors; and management of instructor administration. The Commission is also the AUF's voice to Government and CMAS on matters pertaining to diving training, standards and safety. For more information about CMAS certification go the the CMAS page.

Any certified scuba diver can join the AUF as Scuba/Recreational Diver member and will be covered by AUF insurance provided they hold a current/valid diver certification from a recognised dive training agency (PADI, NAUI, SSI, BSAC etc.).  Just go to the Membership menu and apply as a new or renewing member.

The AUF has secured Insurance for all our underwater sports, including scuba diving and training and the premiums are included in membership. See Insurance Policies for details.

The AUF also manages CMAS (Confederation Mondiale Activities Sub-aquatique), otherwise known as the World Underwater Federation, certification in Australia.  For information on CMAS certification requirements and application, please go the the CMAS Diver Certification page.

Enjoying Diving

All photos supplied by Judy Breeze.