CMAS Diver Certification

The AUF is the CMAS recognised body in Australia.  If you hold CMAS certification issued in another country, and/or your AUF issued certification is about to expire you will need to apply to have your certification renewed through the AUF.  The requirements for certification renewal are provided on the relevant form. Please send an email to AUF CMAS Technical Director, Cathy Johnson (cathy [at] auf [dot] org [dot] au) to request a form.

CMAS Diver level certification cards no longer have an expiry date, but CMAS instructor certification cards expire after 5 years.

New CMAS divers

Diver students trained by a CMAS instructor in Australia will be issued certification cards via their instructor, but will need to join the AUF prior to any in-water training to be covered by the AUF insurance (which also covers the instructor and club). You can join the AUF via the Memberships tab. For details on the AUF Insurance see Insurance Policies.

Divers/Instructors with NQS, FAUI or NASDS Qualifications

Some commercial dive operators do not recognise old NQS and/or FAUI/NASDS diver qualifications and the AUF does not hold these records to be able to reissue a CMAS equivalent card. The AUF can however provide divers/instructors with a current CMAS card if you were trained under the FAUI/NASDS and NQS systems as these were recognised CMAS equivalent courses when they were taught in Australia.

To apply for CMAS certification please contact the AUF CMAS Technical Director, Cathy Johnson (cathy [at] auf [dot] org [dot] au)