Membership for CMAS Diver Certification

To join the AUF for Scuba, you must fill in the forms listed below and submit them with your payment details rather than registering on the AUF Membership site.

To receive your renewed CMAS Card you must supply clear photocopies of your qualifications/certificates, as well as an up-to-date medical certificate. These must accompany all CMAS Card Renewal Applications.

The AUF includes an Insurance component for all our underwater sports Australia-wide. See Insurance Policies for details. The AUF/CMAS Renewals expire concurrently (5 years) and costs $180.00.

AUF-CMAS Membership Form 2018 - Renewal

Do you have NQS, FAUI or NASDS Qualifications? Read This

Apparently the NQS and/or FAUI/NASDS card qualification is not recognised anymore and the AUF does not hold these records. The AUF has been renewing our past members for AUF and CMAS when their membership falls due as well as some divers that have had other qualifications.

Some past NQS/FAUI/NASDS cardholders have joined the AUF recently after downloading the CMAS/AUF Renewal membership form - $180 for 5 years. This card is a recognised qualification card.

The AUF has secured Insurance for all our underwater sports to cover all our AUF members (from 1st July 2009) See Insurance Policies for details.

If you wish to join/renew, send all your qualifications, copy of log book and as much information as you can (photocopies will do), along with the Scuba Membership Form  to scuba [at] auf [dot] com [dot] au showing you have been diving consistently and have the correct up to date medical papers.

You will also need to supply a Statutory Declaration stating your diving credentials, the standard you have been trained to and by what diving agency ie What accreditation did you attain so we can ascertain the cross-over equivalency of your qualifications?

We will also require, when and where you did your Course and the name of your Instructor, and a brief resume of your diving experience, as you can no doubt appreciate SCUBA diving is a skilled recreation and as such we must be careful with replacement C cards. We can then send you this AUF/CMAS membership, if you qualify.

The other alternative is to do another dive course at your local dive shop, and then submit your membership form with those credentials.